What does the future hold?

Learn new things, witness challenging and intriguing conversations, and discover networking opportunities. View the upcoming lectures to attend: either in-person or virtually , and witness captivating spearkers.

An ASU FRANKx Lecturer must:

  • Align with the ASU Design Aspirations
  • Be a Disrupter
  • Challenge the status quo of higher education
  • Be an internal ASU member

Becoming a FRANKx Lecturer

The final selection of a FRANKx lecturer is made by the UDI team. There are three ways in which a FRANKx lecture is nominated:

  • FRANKx Lecture alumni nomination
  • FRLS Brain trust – a group of diverse ASU leaders nominate potential speakers
  • Submissions – anyone is welcome to submit a nomination here

Information on the upcoming spring 2024 FRANKx Lecture coming soon!

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