Frank Rhodes Lecture Series

on the Creation of the Future


The Frank Rhodes Lecture Series aims to challenge the current constructs of higher education and disrupt the educational and cultural landscape by bringing thought-provoking leaders who can help redefine the space by sharing their visionary ideas and outlook.

FRLS at the University Design Institute

As a catalyst for transformation in higher education, the University Design Institute aims to reimagine and innovate the landscape of higher education. The Frank Rhodes Lecture Series is just one of the many ways UDI advances its efforts to engage with experts by giving a platform to thought-provoking and visionary experts who strive to challenge, disrupt and redefine the status quo.

The Frank Rhodes Lecture Series offers two separate lecture tracts, Scholar Lectures and FRANKx Lectures. While both share the mission to change the landscape of higher education, the Scholar Lectures aim to bring external, though-provoking visionaries to share their ideas, platforms or innovations. The FRANKx Lectures, which launched in Spring 2021, highlights ASU’s own visionary leaders who have big ideas that can help revolutionize higher education.


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The Frank Rhodes Lecture Series showcases the foundational ideals of the ASU charter and design aspirations, and explores the important opportunities that exist for redefining the role higher education in society.

President Michael Crow


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