Challenge the status quo

Designing for Equity: Building Innovative Systems for Lifelong Learning

In this virtual lecture, Ajita Talwalker Menon, will address the idea that there is a rising tide of dialogue on the need for greater equity in the United States and higher education has been long touted as a great equalizer. She will explore how in this moment, we have the opportunity to confront where real gaps exist in current higher education opportunities and outcomes, and to redesign institutions of higher education in ways that prioritize equity.

These new approaches are learner-centric, responsive to the communities we need to serve better, and built for lifelong learning. Colleges doing this well are building institutional learning capabilities, deepening their understanding of today’s college students and employers, and creating cultures, systems, and policies that facilitate social and economic justice.

Calbright College, California’s new online community college, is focused exclusively on working adults and economically displaced Californians. We are building a responsive institution from the ground up; designed around student and employer needs, to [help] demonstrate what’s possible when colleges value and transform the talent and skills of adults without a college credential, and to work collaboratively to pilot, share and learn from innovative approaches statewide and across the country. 

Ajita Talwalker Menon is the President and CEO for Calbright College. Her job is to lead the college to help underserved Californians gain greater economic mobility and to provide skilled talent for hiring employers.